Monday, December 12, 2005

Republicans' Hearts Are TEN Sizes Too Small

What could be more heartwarming than a picture of one of our brave fighting men, taking a break for some Christmas cheer... a reminder of home?

Nothing... unless you've seen the doctored version.

Then it's less heartwarming than bloodboiling.'s John Dickerson reports that the RNC's new web video "Retreat and Defeat" shows Howard Dean, Barbara Boxer, and John Kerry speaking out against the war.

"Then the camera pans back, and we learn that we've been watching these clips over the shoulder of a U.S. soldier dressed in desert camouflage, his semiautomatic rifle strapped to his back. Candy canes hang on the wall just above the screen, which flashes the message: 'Our soldiers are watching and our enemies are too.'

"The video conveys the impression that somewhere in Iraq, a soldier is having his mission and Christmas tarnished by weak-willed Democrats. Here is a frame from the ad and the actual picture of the soldier, taken two years ago. [T]he soldier was really watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas!"

As Dickerson points out, web ads are a low art form which both parties produce. But:

"What neither party has done—until now—is inject the idea that the other party is undermining our troops overseas. The RNC is pimping a mute and unnamed soldier not just to defend the Iraq war but to imply that Democrats are white-handkerchief-waving cowards who want the United States to lose."

In other words, just when you think a lower low of scumbaggery isn't possible...

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