Saturday, December 03, 2005

Something I Use So Often I Forgot to Tell You About It!

This is incredibly useful! I use it all the time... So all-the-time it's become second nature to my surfing, and I only just remembered that it's possible not everyone knows about it.

I've written before that Firefox is the safest and best browser out there, and that Google Labs is full of cutting-edge timesavers. Well, here's the kind of interesting and handy tool you find when those two get together.

It's a Firefox extension called Google Send to Phone. Simple concept, brilliant execution. It places a little phone icon in your Firefox toolbar.

Whenever you find some useful piece of info online -- a restaurant address, a phone number, a shopping list for a recipe -- just highlight it, hit the phone icon, and it gets text-messaged to your cell phone. How freaking cool is that!

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