Thursday, December 08, 2005

Thursday Night Random Reality Questions (Spoilers!)

On Survivor, after all these years, why are people still stunned and offended when their competitors have the temerity to vote them out? Have they never seen the show? Do they not get that someone has to go? In the case of Judd, he himself made that very speech just moments before! It's hilariously hypocritical.

What would you have done about the car choice? I think I clearly would have given up the car, but I also wouldn't have begrudged the girl the choice she made. I also would have told her to shut the fuck up about her new "vehicle."

On Apprentice, at dinner, why was Rebecca making that face? That "coy" face? That "I've got a sly secret" face? Does she believe it's a "cute" face? A "power" face? Does she not realize it's a face that makes me want to hit her with a brick over and over?

The whole season, Randal dressed conservatively. Now that he's in the final two, why is he suddenly wearing one of Michael Jordan's old suits?

How much do I hate Toral? Answer: Lots.

How awkward was it at the end, when the announcer said, "If you want to contribute to any of the charities shown in tonight's show..." that they showed Joe Piscopo? That's not right...

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