Thursday, December 15, 2005

What I Love Most About The Apprentice: Martha Stewart

No, not fantastizing about Martha's daughter Alexis, who's sexy and quiet and funny, but also a little bit mean... which is hot.

No, I mean I love my new Tassimo Hot Beverage System, which I confess I bought as a result of seeing the infomercial-- er, I mean, episode of The Apprentice which featured this cool machine.

I've tried every pod and cartridge coffeemaker out there, and hated them all until now. Tassimo is different. (By the way, it's a lot smaller than it looks in pictures, because for some reason they always photograph it with teeny cups. It's actually the most compact unit I've seen.)

Tassimo is well-made, easy to use, the cartridges are clean and contained, and the variety of beverages is huge. In fact, I'm enjoying a delicious hot chocolate right now.

And imagining Alexis scolding me for some infraction.

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Anonymous said...

I had the best laugh ever with the Tassimo machine. yesterday morning when my husband was in the kitchen, I cranked up the Tassimo machine for some coffee, when the green light came on, I pushed the button to dispense the liquid, and that machine vibrated like a huge farting job ! we laughed so hard, we cried. has any one else experienced the farting Tassimo machine? Carol Rodriguez