Saturday, December 10, 2005

What?! The Media Made Something Up???

So Bill O' Reilly runs a year-old clip from The Daily Show and tells his viewers it's new. And we now know that, despite media reports to the contrary, no one was murdered in the Superdome and no snipers fired at rescue workers during the Katrina disaster.

And then we found out that the whole Cyber Monday thing was a completely made up term for the busiest online shopping day of the year (the Monday after Thanksgiving).

Now, as Techdirt reports, turns out that's probably not the busiest day of the year at all. And yet we all saw the wall-to-wall media coverage of the Big Day.

The few times I've been quoted or mentioned in a newspaper, it's been 100% wrong or made-up. And when it comes to subjects I know about personally, I've never seen them accurately reported in the media.

Try it sometime: Google something you know really well, and read the news articles about it. You'll see they miss really important things. Sometimes small things. Sometimes big things.

So why do we ever believe them about anything else?


Linnet 'innit?' said...

I'll second that! Any time I have ever witnesed anything that was reported by the press, the event has been unrecognisable from their description.

It gets worse... I was once invited to appear in a 4-part series about unemployment for a British TV station, on a panel of four peoeple and, as the presenter did his spiel at the start of the first program, he said we were all experts.

I scribbled a note under the table and showed it to the man next to me. It said "What am I supposed to be an expert on? What are you an expert on?" He scribbled back "No idea!" I have never believed in experts since.

Michael Markowitz said...

That is SO funny! There is an improv game where you must pretend to be an expert on an interview show. You lived it!