Thursday, December 15, 2005

When People Tell You Movies Were Better in the '70's...

...they're forgetting about Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Now you can remind them, as this week the Sundance Channel is running this cinematic stinkburger for a generation that really needs to learn why I have never, ever made fun of Gigli.

This movie is a rare bird indeed: every single decision involved in its making is misguided and/or disastrous. One awful idea after another. Even the law of averages dictates that a few good things should have slipped through. Nuh uh. Watch this and be baffled at how so many things can go so wrong... so very, very wrong.

Even Steve Martin (in his feature debut), Aerosmith, and the great George Burns (who's saddled with ten minutes of non-stop exposition at the beginning of the movie alone) can't flap their arms fast enough to make this turkey fly.

And there is one more thing to remember as you watch this, if you've never seen it:

This was a BIG movie.

Back in the day, this was like King Kong or Harry Potter. In terms of hype, this was a huge movie. An event movie. A blockbuster, line-up-for-tickets, all-you-heard-about-for-weeks movie.

And when you see it now, you'll be amazed at how small a big movie can be. It looks cheesy, and the sets look dusty and underpopulated. The whole thing feels like it was made for roughly eight bucks in Bed Bath & Beyond coupons.

Watch this (preferably baked with some friends), and then tell your Easy Rider/Raging Bull friends that they can keep the '70's. There was a lot of crap in theatres back then.

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Peeky said...

I have essentially no memory of this movie whatsoever, which perhaps says something about the movie and also my level of consciousness for large portions of the 70s.