Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Where To Buy a Christmas Present For The Hard-To-Shop-For Gadget Freak

My best friend, Mary, likes to joke that when I walk into Best Buy I look around and mope, "Damn... I have all this already."

What's not a joke is that I'm very hard to shop for, because I pre-order the few things I want -- gadgets and DVD's -- months in advance, and don't really want anything else.

If you have someone like me in your life -- and you've exhausted your willingness and/or ability to give them sex as a gift -- then you should get to know It's the website where you can go to buy stuff you didn't even know existed.

Notebooks, cell phones and other gadgets from Japan and other faraway places find their way here through and nowhere else. It's not cheap -- they often have to adapt the software and even the keypads to English -- but you are often looking at the lightest, fastest coolest gadgets with the longest battery life imaginable.

It's stuff that will, for one reason or another, never get to our shores. Probably because U.S. marketers figure we'd prefer to keep buying 1.5 lb burgers over 1.5 lb. laptops.

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