Thursday, December 08, 2005

Whole Foods and the Price of Friendship

I'm in Whole Foods right now, which is usually the highlight of my week,
but it's a dark day.

A very dear friend, who shall remain nameless, needed me to TiVo the season
premiere of "America's Next Top Model" for her, and I volunteered to wait
to watch it with her.

And as weeks went by, and the episodes stacked up, and we never got
together to watch them, I was simultaneously juggling storing these
recordings and the torture of keeping myself spoiler-free.

And it was really hard. But I succeeded.

Which is why I'm in pain. Because a couple just walked by loudly
discussing who won.

Oh, well. This friend is worth it. And I'll head over to the chowder now
to make it all better.


gina said...

God, don't you hate it when that happens?

I was on vacation in Maine and had brought the new Harry Potter along with me. I was only about one fifth of the way through the book when I was in a sandwich shop in Bar Harbor, standing in line waiting for my lunch, when 2 dorks standing a couple of people behind me very LOUDLY gave away the character who died at the end. The book had only been out a week, for crying out loud.

Lisa said...

OH NO!! I truly hope this friend is worth it, because I have a feeling this friend still doesn't know who won, and will try her hardest NOT to find out, so she can enjoy the finale with you. You might not be enjoying it as much, but I bet you'll enjoy the company! And you might even shed a tear at the excitement felt by your friend when she finds out who won, even though you already know. You are a good friend, my friend.

Michael Markowitz said...

gina, my pet peeve is people who have a genetic need to spoil things for others. I mean, I didn't post that Apprentice quote on the blog until it was a week old, out of consideration... I think if you're going to talk about a Harry Potter book in public, you should do it in hushed tones for, like, ten years.

I knew someone who COULD NOT STOP himself from spoiling endings. he just couldn't stop. I hated him for it.

Lisa, she's well worth it, and then some. But she'd better bake something for viewing day!

(Gina, you're invited, especially if you bring Marty!)