Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Why Would "Dirty Negroes" Be Considered Racist or Insulting?!

I guarantee you will read this news story several times, and you still won't understand it. At least that's what happened with me.

Near as I can figure, some Italian men beat some Colombian women -- keep that in mind -- but the news story is about the fact that an Italian court ruled "in favor of one of the men, who argued he was not being racist when he launched the assault with the words: 'Sporche negre -- cosa ci fanno queste negre qua?' ('Dirty negroes -- what are these negroes doing here?')"

Now, let's put aside for the moment that I'd like to see Enzo come and try that shit here. Or better yet, in Inglewood. They'd be mailing him home in a puddle of his own marinara.

And let's put aside for the moment that the judge is clearly an idiot.

But unless I'm missing it, nowhere in the story does it say what kind of knuckle-rapping these guys are going to get for beating on these women. Is that not the same kind of no-no there that is it is here?

And what was the occasion for hauling off and beating up some Colombian women? Is that, like, the Italian version of laser tag? Spot a Columbian chick, wallop her, but God forbid anyone think you're a racist?! WTF?!

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