Friday, December 23, 2005

You Tell Me: Is This As Weird As I Think It Is?

Today, I went to three 7-11's in a row, and not one of them had any pens for sale.

I mean... That's weird, right?


Anonymous said...

uhhmm.. do 7-11's even sell pens? O_O i just go there to get milk or candy..

Michael Markowitz said...

umm, well, yeah, of course, milk or candy, I know. I've never bought a pen there, either. But today I happened to need a pen when I walked in. Look around. They sell scotch tape... glue... liquid paper... paper clips... film... batteries... wouldn't you think there'd be a pen SOMEWHERE in the place? I mean, I just have never seen a convenience store without a couple of pens somewhere in the store. I don't think anyone goes there for liquid paper but they sell it.