Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Bachelor: It's Only January and We Already Have the Best Lines of the Year and the Wacko of the Year

"I'm a doctor, he's a doctor, I was kinda like, 'Oh, yeah, shoo-in.' The reason why I'm here is definitely to find a husband. Hopefully the Bachelor will be that guy because quite frankly my eggs are rotting."

Allie, 33
Crazy Oncologist, before telling the Bachelor that she's ready for "the reproductive phase" of her life.

"You're playing around! You don't want reproduction! You just told me that you don't want me around because you don't want to reproduce!"

Allie after the rose ceremony, where she entered the "roseless phase" of her life.


Ken Levine said...

How would like to have her as YOUR oncologist? Bad enough you have cancer. THIS is the person treating you.

Michael Markowitz said...

A friend of mine and I were talking about that last night and we agreed: you wanted to grab her and scream at her, "Shut up, you are ending your career!"