Monday, January 16, 2006

Brent Bozell "Swift Boating" John Murtha

I've previously written that Congress should tell Brent Bozell to go fuck himself, but that was on the basis of his phony campaign to "clean up" TV. Now I think the entire nation should tell him to go fuck himself, now that he's doing a Swift Boat-style smear of real-life American hero John Murtha.

His "Cybercast News Service," which is as credible and well-respected as my newly-established "My Refrigerator Door Magnets News Service," has "reported" that Murtha didn't earn his two Purple Hearts. If Bozell has a heroic military record -- or any military record at all -- I apologize for not being familiar with it.

Oh, and the Editor-in-Chief of the Cybercast News Service? In his day job he's on the payroll of -- wait for it -- the Republican National Committee! Read more in Whatever Already (via Crooks & Liars).

And the Huffington Post (via Daily Kos) reports what we all already know: this started in the White House, not with Bozell, who's just an opportunistic puppet like all the rest of them.

But as Media Matters reported, this Bozell douchebag made twisted and blatantly untrue statements about Rep. Murtha back in November, and yet still persists in wagging his finger at the rest of us and telling us we're not living up to his high moral code.

Bozell keeps harping on (and profiting off of) the idea that most Americans are starving for a return to morality in their entertainment. Most of the American public knows their morality is not linked to their entertainment at all, or they wouldn't be lapping up Hostel and C.S.I. and Desperate Housewives.

Most Americans know morality isn't about the entertainment you consume, it's about the life you lead. And they know it's immoral to lie about a man who served our country with honor, to serve as head of a seemingly endless string of "foundations" all designed to further the ends of the White House, while bilking the gullible out of their Social Security checks.

Those on the right wing, for some reason I can't fathom, think sex trumps lies. I completely disagree.

Quick morality quiz: You're at the beach, and you're going swimming. Who do you trust to hold your car keys and wallet while you're gone: Brent Bozell, or Warren Beatty?

Jesus, I'd trust Paris Hilton long before I'd trust Brent Bozell with my wallet.


Boski93 said...

I would like Mr. Bozell to take a swift foot in the nuts.

Michael Markowitz said...

I'd like it to happen on TV during the Family Hour, so he could write a letter of complaint between yowls.

gina said...

Hehe, good one.