Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Can We All Make a New Year's Resolution?

The L.A. Times ran an article on New Year's Day offering a way to save its readers an hour a day.

(I know, I thought the same thing, but no, they didn't suggest you cancel your
L.A. Times subscription.)

No, their genius idea was to cut out one TV program a day.

Of course.

It was mainly an idiotic article. And I mean literally "idiotic." As in "written by an idiot." And I'm using that word in the clinical sense. I think the
Times went to a sanitarium and found an actual idiot and let her write an article.

Two of her suggestions? "Why watch celebrities dance when you can watch them skate?" "
The Sopranos will be back... Why watch anything else?" You can practically hear the slurping of her lips and smell the scented crayons.

But my point in writing this is to call for everyone who reads this to make a New Year's Resolution, or at least to come to a realization.

See, at one point in the article, she writes, "Stop adding more police procedurals to your viewing schedule. Just say no to
CSI: El Paso."

Here's the thing, once and for all: adding the name of a city to the letters
CSI is not a joke.

It does not make you funny. It makes you tiresome.

All you lazy writers need to stop doing it. No more
CSI: Cleveland jokes, no more CSI: Bakersfield jokes, no more CSI: Topeka jokes... Enough.

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Anonymous said...

except 4 albuquerque. albuquerque is always funny.