Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Emily's Reasons... Why Not?

Okay, so ERWN was inoffensive enough, I guess, and Heather is so hot and so charming I'll keep coming back for more. I did laugh out loud several times at the wrestling scene (which was several times more than Four Kings... or as much of it as I made it through.) I'll even grant the pilot's far-fetched premise that Emily needed to be reassured as to her attractiveness. Yeah, that's right, you heard me.

I do have to wonder, though, why every unattached woman (and even some of the attached ones) on television or in movies seems to be a magazine or book editor. Occasionally they're in advertising or fashion, I suppose... but aren't there any women in say, the auto industry? Or spirits industry? Or architecture?

If I go in and pitch an idea about a woman who works in the movie or television industry, whomever I'm pitching to will raise their hands and stop me and say, "No movies or TV." Why? What's so frickin' interesting about publishing? I'm so bored with it I can't stand it.

Besides, what difference does it make? It's a show about her personal life, not her work life. If Heather Graham says, "I have to go home, I have a stack of manuscripts to read," is it somehow better than if she says, "I have to go home, I have a stack of scripts to read"?

The major difference between book folk and show folk is that book folk hate show folk and show folk hate themselves.

It's been said that it sometimes seems that every novel published in New York is about a woman who works in New York publishing. If we don't watch it, TV will go the same way.

Now to my next question: How is it that all the single women on TV have a gay male friend? Are there even enough gay men to go around?


peeky said...

You did NOT laugh out loud!

Michael Markowitz said...

I did! Mostly at the second gay guy, who I thought was hilarious.