Saturday, January 21, 2006

Finally My Home Theater Goes Where I Do

Okay, this is really cool. I've told you before about Sony's LocationFree TV, a television with a base station you set up at home, then you carry the TV with you and watch your home entertainment via broadband.

Well, this is even better, because I don't want to carry a TV. But I do carry a PSP. And now they make LocationFree for the PSP. Just use the wi-fi on your PSP (it also includes software for the PC) anywhere there's a signal, and you're watching TV, DVR, or a DVD from home on your PSP's widescreen.

That can be in a hotel or a Starbucks, or in the growing number of cities with free wi-fi (like downtown Burbank). It's also probably great for when you want to head for bed with just fifteen minutes left on that movie or TV show that's playing in the living room. Just put the PSP on the bathroom counter and watch while you brush your teeth. If this works as promised, it's my newest, bestest friend.

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