Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A Golden Globes Cheer & Jeer

I'm going to take a leaf from TV Guide and give a Cheer and a Jeer -- as lame as that shorthand is -- to the Golden Globes.

A Cheer to honoring Steve Carell over the heavily-favored Jason Lee... who seemed to spend the rest of the night sulking. I think Jason Lee is very talented, and My Name is Earl is a funny show... but even its most ardent fans have to admit there is, shall we say, a wide gap in "degree of difficulty" between the role of Earl Hickey and that of Michael Scott on The Office.

I'm not saying any schmo off the street can play Earl as well as Jason Lee does. Clearly that's insane. I'm just saying that any actor will tell you what Steve Carell does on The Office is virtuoso and complex work, and we're lucky to have a chance to see him do it every week. I'm glad he was rewarded.

Now the Jeer: Is there a single human on Earth who actually enjoys the song that opens the Golden Globes every year? I mean, sure, it's unintentionally hilarious, in a jaw-dropping way, but you always figure someone will wise up and this will be the last year they do it. But no... every year they come back with an even worse one!


Sydelle Pearl said...

My favorite part about the song is the specific lyrics about people they know will show up and they'll be able to get shots of, intermingled with generic lyrics for whoever they happen to grab "This guy's funny..so is this guy". Hilarious.

Michael Markowitz said...

You're so right! Sometimes they get lucky, and there's a song they can just "plug into"... like a few years ago when they did some shit like:

A little Heather Locklear in my life
A little Matthew Broderick and his wife

Although I'm sure that's a thousand times better than what they actually did. But last night's sounded NOTHING like the original song... which was already from, like, last year!

Sydelle Pearl said...

As long as I didn't have to hear "Livin' My Life Like It's Golden" 8,385 times on E!, I'm not complaining!

Lisa said...

JASON LEE RULES and so does MY NAME IS EARL!! Why will no one listen to me and watch this show? It's a good show, Michael! And Jason Lee is really good, even with all his monotone Scientoligisms. I love him. And the show. Have I mentioned that? And, as hilarious as Steve Carrell was... and he was... it's enough with him already! You're great! We get it! Just keep being great and we can stop saying it, okay?? Good. (Sorry. I think I'm testy because I have outdoor cats.) (But they never leave our backyard!!) (I'm done with the parentheses). xo

Michael Markowitz said...

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa... Relax! I would hardly say that "no one is watching" Earl! It's been this gigantic critical and ratings hit since it premiered.

And ever since the Golden Globe nominations were announced, there's been this steady drumbeat in the press from nearly every critic that Jason Lee "should win, will win."

Meanwhile, The Office was the little show that just kept growing. Ironically, NBC has recently credited iTunes with its newfound success (it's consistently their top-rated download.)

I do watch both shows -- though Earl only occasionally -- and I do think The Office is a quantum leap funnier and Michael Scott is a MUCH harder role, and I was just glad the Globes recognized that.

At any rate, try this (unscientific) experiment:

Enter these words into Google:

Jason Lee My Name is Earl

You will get roughly 1,300,000 results

Enter these words into Google:

Steve Carell The Office

You will get roughly 243,000 results

In other words, you are hardly traveling in a "secret society" as an Earl fan. So don't worry, be happy!

As for your backyard:


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