Friday, January 27, 2006

A Great Advertising Blog

I learned about this one from Adrants. It's called How Advertising Spoiled Me, and it has great video, print, and outdoor ads, some selected by Arvind Chennai of India, and some created by him. It's a fascinating site, especially if you love bold, visually memorable ads, as I do.

(8 Airbags)

Next to the towers: 2.863 people died
Next to the kid: 824 million people starving in the world.
The world united against terrorism. It should also be united against HUNGER.


Ellen said...

Thanks so much for that site!

My husband's in advertising and he'll love it.

BTW....I keep forgetting to mention that many moons ago, my hubby Howard worked with you, on one of the best cartoon shows ever.

Michael Markowitz said...

You're THAT Ellen??? No wonder your daughter is so funny!

Please say hi for me. He's a wonderful, funny man. That show was indeed one of the best ever. We will only be appreciated, I'm afraid, after our time.

Ellen said...

According to H, who's been working for Everett on "Squirrel Boy," the DVD of the Duckman series is coming out this summer.

Howard said the time he had you (Mike) as his next-door neighbor, was the most fun he ever had on a job. He thinks you're the funniest man alive.

Michael Markowitz said...

Well, that's awfully nice of him. It was a wonderful time. I was much funnier AND much more alive then.