Sunday, January 22, 2006

How Fast Can A Computer Boot?

The new iMac G5 seemed like a great computer back when the '06 ball dropped on Times Square. Now watch the video of this shootout between the G5 and one of the new dual core Intel iMacs introduced last week. This is astounding.


Russell Arch said...

The guy at the end said it best. The person who bought a brand new iMac in December HAS to be livid! That's insane!

Michael Markowitz said...

That's just what I thought when I saw the new models! It's really soon after introducing the G5 to come out with a new one at the same price but four times faster with no trade-in policy. I seriously looked at one in December, because it was so cool, and I figured if they announced any desktops at Macworld it'd be the Mini. I mean, why would they announce a new iMac so soon, right?

Michael Markowitz said...

Now they've cut the price of the original 20" iMacs by $200... but I still wouldn't buy it for a 50% speed cut. And the 17" is the same price for both models. Gotta go with the Intel Macs. I don't know who would buy the old ones, unless you're running a lot of legacy apps like Photoshop... but then why not wait for them to come out with new versions?