Tuesday, January 24, 2006

"If I wanted to break the law why was I briefing Congress?"

That's what President Bush said yesterday, leaning on the lectern and sneering, defending his domestic spying.

As Media Matters reports, though, he is lying: he did not fully brief Congress on what he was doing... something ABC, CBS, CNN, and NBC failed to point out.

But more important, when Congress was briefed on even a fraction of his plans, their reaction was, "Oh my God, what???"

Senator John Rockefeller went so far as to send a handwritten note to Vice President Cheney expressing his "lingering concerns" and "profound oversight issues." He later said, "The White House never addressed my concerns."

Let me put this in the simplest way possible:

Let's say you meet the Chief of Police at a cocktail party, and tell him you're thinking of getting into the robbery business.

He's outraged, and tells you it's a horrible idea.

You rob a liquor store anyway, and get caught.

You go before the judge, lean on the defense table, sneer and say, "If I wanted to break the law, why would I tell the Chief of Police?"

The answer is, that doesn't make you innocent. It makes you an idiot.

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