Sunday, January 08, 2006

Inside the Actor's Studio Has Lost It Completely

Okay, so it was strange when Elton John was on, but okay, he was in Tommy. And it was weird when Jay Leno was on, but he was in American Hot Wax and that movie with Pat Morita.

But now Barbara Walters is going to be on?!

Barbara Walters????!


Ellen said...

I was surfing by and noticed Lipton had Queen Latifah on. Yikes!

Who's next? Johnny Knoxville?
Or how about that guy in the Well Patch commercial?

Sydelle Pearl said...

OMIGOD I'm obsessed with the guy in the WellPatch commercial? He's a horror. xoxo

Michael Markowitz said...

I have not seen the Well Patch commercial! Is there an online link? Is Latifah in it, too?

gina said...

WellPatch commercial? I haven't seen it, either.

I haven't watched Actor's Studio in long time. James Lipton gives me such gigantic heebeejeebees, I can barely get through a commercial for the show. And he is so far up the collective celebrity arse he can probably see out their eyes, I swear.

He is pretty funny on Arrested Development, though. Skeevy, but funny.

Michael Markowitz said...

It is for arse reasons that we call it "Inside the Actor's Anus"

And it's his skeeviness, I think, that makes him so perfect for that part on "Arrested Development"

Ellen said...

You asked for it. You got it.

The WellPatch commercial. "Enjoy!"

Queen Latifah, sadly, does not appear in it. But maybe she'll do the sequel.

Michael Markowitz said...

OMG!!! I just saw it, and I'll never be the same!!

It's as if Stuart Pankin had the Face/Off procedure with Dakota Fanning!

Ellen said...

I'll be starting a support group for those obsessed and/or traumatized by that spot.

See what you've been missing MM? You gotta watch more tee vee!

My next fave is the infomercial for the Magic Bullet blender. There's a character "Berman" in it, who needs a cure for his hangover. The Aussie-accented host whips up a "hair-of-the-dog smoothie" for him.
Good times!

Michael Markowitz said...

Ellen, now it's my turn to traumatize you: I not only bought a Magic Bullet months ago, I got one for my friend Lisa too! I use it constantly! I'm such a sucker!

Ellen said...

Was it the infomercial with "Berman" and that weirdo aunt with the dangling cigarette that got to you?
And why do half of those always have Australian guys? Is there some subliminal "buy this crap" vibe in their accents?

Sydelle Pearl said...

Please don't get off track with the main issue here: WHAT IS THE GUY IN THE WELLPATCH COMMERCIAL DOING?!?!?!

Michael Markowitz said...

Ellen, when I bought it, it was just the Aussie and the woman... He hadn't yet invited his "posse" over for snacks.

Sydelle, clearly he's auditioning for "Well Patch: The Musical"