Sunday, January 08, 2006

Paul Hochman Attends CES... But What Year?

Over the weekend, Today Show Tech Knucklehead Paul Hochman did his Consumer Electronics Show report, which was of dubious value, of course.

But what was most remarkable was that, in a year when many amazing developments were unveiled, he chose to show several products that have been on store shelves for months! Including one that has been on my shelf for months!

Who is this guy??!


Paul Hochman said...

Hey, Paul Hochman, Today Show knucklehead here... First, let me say I'm flattered by your attention, although I'd have preferred something more complimentary, like 'dingbat,' but I'll go with knucklehead for the time being. On the subject of what's been available on your shelf, I'm curious: while the Babble is just being introduced, the Samsung TV is not yet on the market, the Samsung sports cam (in its updated form) is just now rolling out, Pioneer's Blu-Ray player isn't yet available, and the Sony iStudio device is a prototype, what have you had for months?

Michael Markowitz said...

Hey, Paul, I certainly only meant "knucklehead" in the nicest sense of the word, and I apologize if it rankled.

I do happen to have the sports cam, but figuring there may have been an upgrade, I left that out. I was actually referring to the Cube MP3 player, which has been out forever.

But even if that has received a minor upgrade, too, you gave no indication in your report that these were upgrades rather than brand new products. If I were to go on CNN tomorrow and cover Steve Jobs' announcement by saying, "This is exciting: Apple has announced it's going to make a laptop!" you would have every reason to criticize me.

I don't follow CES news avidly; I only skim, and the last thing you need is a backseat producer, but:

Just based on what I've bookmarked for their coolness you could have devoted those two slots to Onthego live, iBiquity terrestrial radio, Polaroid PMP, the Gigabeat, the Helix, the Eclipse solar messenger bag, the Series 3 HD TiVo, or a lot of other products that I think are fresher and would still have "wow" impact for your viewers.

Still, I'm glad you came, and I hope you'll stick around and enjoy all the non-you-related content available here!