Monday, January 30, 2006

Political Science Theater 3000

Tomorrow night's State of the Union ramble doesn't have to be the agonizing ordeal you know it will be. You can watch it while listening to the folks at Air America Radio doing MST3K-style commentary. And, if you're an Air America Radio Premium member (as I proudly am), you can watch it live over the "Internets."

(Air America Premium membership has other privileges, by the way, including being able to subscribe to any Air America show as a podcast.)

Air America Radio Premium


Boski93 said...

What is the over under on how many times he butchers nuclear?

Michael Markowitz said...

No kidding. This is not a case of linguistic bullying, this isn't a case of colorful regionalism.... This is a case where a big swath of the country is just stubborn and stupid. The word "nuclear" comes from the word "nucleus." End of story. Folks, you're saying it wrong.

Besides, if you won't listen to me, will you at least listen to Emerson, Lake and Palmer?? "Guardians of a new, clear dawn" Don't let ELP down, people!