Friday, January 06, 2006

Question for Pat Robertson

I have a question for Pat Robertson -- you know he probably reads this blog all the time -- and it's really an easy one: Who else deserved a stroke and why?

I mean, did Dick Clark deserve his stroke? Why? Was it because he supported "devil music"?

What about Kirk Douglas? Did he deserve to have his stroke? Was it because he defied the blacklist?

Hey, is it limited to strokes, Pat? I mean, does anyone who dies have it coming to them? What about those miners? Did they do something wrong, too?

Maybe some of them had relatives in Dover, PA, which you said was abandoned by God! Wait a minute... Dick Clark is from Philly... Is that near Dover? Or maybe some of them knew gay people, who you said caused 9/11, so they had to die because of that? That seems like overkill -- literally -- but you know best.

Pat, maybe you should make a list of who deserves strokes or other illnesses, and who deserves to die, and who deserves to be assassinated and so forth. It would really be helpful. You know, for when you're damned for all Eternity in a sea of fire.

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LaPopessa said...

And let's not stop at strokes. What did Dick Cheney ever do to deserve all those heart attacks.

Oh, wait. Bad example, never mind.