Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Rochell D. Thomas and Her Time Machine

Okay, so I'm very confused.

As far as I know, tonight is the premiere of Fox's Skating With Celebrities, a show I really don't care about, despite the presence of Kristy Swanson.

Every week, when I get the new TV Guide, the first thing I turn to is Rochell D. Thomas' column "Is It Just Me?" because usually it is just her. It's fairly worthless, and amusingly so.

But today, when TV Guide arrived, one of her questions was, "Are the Skating With Celebrities judges blind?" She goes on to complain about who skated well and who skated badly and how the judges scored them and so on.


Did this show air already and I don't know, which is entirely possible? Or did she get an advance tape of the show that will air tonight, and like an idiot she ran the results in her column?

And if she isn't smart enough to know the show hasn't aired yet, shouldn't TV Guide know when the show airs? They are, after all, TV Guide. They kinda have an inside track on when things air, don't they?

And by the way, Skating With Celebrities is the ad on the back cover.


Ellen said...

Isn't that a really sucky title?
(The show. Not your brilliant blog titles.)

Where's the clever?
An attempt at creative?

And those promos showing the bloody bruises and scrapes are kinda gross, aren't they?

Will the sequel be "Celebrity Scabs?"

Ken Levine said...

As writer of MANNEQUIN 2 starring Kristy Swanson I hope this revitalizes the career I myself helped kill.

peeky said...

If it helps, I enjoyed MANNEQUIN 1, which I believe was called MANNEQUIN.

Michael Markowitz said...

Ellen, I read nothing after "brilliant blog titles"

Ken and peeky, nothing's gonna stop you now.

Cairo said...

I actually know Rochelle, and I think she does have a Time Machine. But she tries to use it for good and not for evil. However, her coverage of Skating with Celebrities borders on malice, as the show should be buried under ice.

Michael Markowitz said...

I trust anyone whose cat can accessorize like that.

But what irks me is that, in a culture where putting the wrong date on a coin on a show can trigger a flood of letters and emails, it appears I'm the only one who noticed this huge boner on TV Guide's part, and they've never apologized for it.

The good news is it shows either no one reads her column or no one watches the show. I stopped doing the first and never did the second.