Friday, January 20, 2006

Scared Yet?

So if you paid close attention to the news yesterday or today, you probably heard about the dispute between Google and the Justice Department.

If you haven't, the Bush Administration, having successfully won the War on Terror -- phew! -- is turning its attention to the War on Internet Pornography. I have to admit, this is a War I was not familiar with, and one I certainly would not have voted for, but apparently we've already committed our troops to fighting it.

Anyway, Justice asked Google, MSN, Yahoo, and AOL to turn over every search conducted on their sites during a particular week.

Once again: Every search conducted during a week.

Only Google refused. Search with Google from now on.

The Justice Department maintains the request is legit because the searchers' identities are not included in the request.

Yes, this time.

Besides, I don't know about you, but I search for the names of friends of mine all the time. I search for my own name sometimes.

I sure hope no one ever searched for my name! I really hope no one searched for my name and "sex with children"! Or even worse: my name, "sex with children" and "Al Qaeda"!

But I guess here's the big question: According to figures quoted in the Washington Post, 25% of active U.S. Internet users visited an adult Web site in December, and Americans spent $2.5 billion on adult entertainment last year.

Not since Prohibition has the government declared such a potentially unpopular war. And at a time when we can scarcely afford to divide our focus.

Forget the raping of our privacy. Could we maybe pause and ask for a show of hands: Who wants important Justice Department resources diverted from chasing terrorists for this?

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Boski93 said...

By asking this question, you are letting the terrorist win. Never question big I mean President Cheney.

When is the administration going to tie this all together? By telling us that they are waging this "War on Porn" because of Al-Qaeda. Osama was, and is still using Iraq as the front line for making of weapons grade porn. And that Sadaam had secret studios making this filth to flood America Internets. And as American's we can allow this corruption of its Fox News loving nerd wells.

No matter what we are getting closer and closer to ankle grabbing time.