Tuesday, January 10, 2006

SNL Sketches Now on iTunes

The "Best of" compilations from SNL are now available for download on iTunes, which is really cool. They even have the best of Christopher Walken, and Schwetty Balls. Unfortunately, they don't have my favorite yet: Best of Phil Hartman.

And for all those who said no one would ever want to buy and download a TV program on iTunes -- and you know who you are -- among the many announcements Steve Jobs made this morning was that in the last three months iTunes has sold more than 8 million of them.


Ellen said...

I got yer Schweddy Balls right here:


We all gathered 'round the laptop this Christmas and enjoyed this holiday favorite.

Michael Markowitz said...

Thanks for the link!!

Of course, thanks to the iPod, next Christmas you can gather round the TV to watch it... and you can do it secure in the knowledge that you are doing it legally. There's a reason that ducky's a devil! ;-)