Sunday, January 08, 2006

Star Jones is the...??? Well, Read It Yourself, I Still Don't Believe It!

AOL has an "Experts" area, where people like Jean Chatzky and Jake Steinfeld give advice. Good idea, right?

Well, AOL has hired Star Jones to be its "Love Coach."

Yes, that's right, now the ghostly head of Star Jones can help you find the same kind of deep and special love that she has. Among the "burning questions" listed are:

"Where's a good place to meet a man?"
(presumed answer: a bar called The Man Hole)

"How do I know if my man and I have a future?"
(presumed answer: if you have shared interests, like shaving each other's backs)

"What are deal breakers in a relationship?"
(presumed answer: none)

1 comment:

gina said...

LOL! The Man Hole. Good one.

How the hell does that woman have everyone so snowed?