Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Stupidest Thing Anyone Has Ever Written, Said or Even Thought... Ever.

"Unlike the more highly regarded Lost and 24, which jerk you around only to leave you more or less where you began, Desperate Housewives is, dare we say it, a masterpiece of plotting, with the interlocking twists advancing the overall narrative..."

-- Steve Erickson, Los Angeles Magazine, September 2005


Ellen said...

I guess Steve Erickson was drunk on "Vagina Punch" when he wrote that.

I may be in the minority, but I honestly tried to watch "DH" and it left me cold. I just kept trying to see how much plastic surgery Nicolette Sheridan had.

How dare he badmouth my beloved "Lost" and "24"? I've had more heart-pumping, WTF? moments with those shows than any other TV show in recent memory.

The talmudic scholars of "Lost" are probably have a field day over that quote.

Boski93 said...

I think this line from Billy Madison sums up my feelings.

"We are all now dumber for hearing that, may god have mercy on all of us."

peeky said...

I watched an entire ten minutes of "knots landing" and despite the fact that it wasn't particularly funny or compelling, I predict it will become irrelevant about nine months ago.

Michael Markowitz said...

Even giving him the benefit of the doubt... that DH was, back in 9/05, better than it is now, it was not by any reasonable definition a masterpiece of plotting. Nor was it in the same solar system as 24 or Lost.

DH's virtue was always, IMHO, that is was an overcaffeinated soap opera. It was a soap that was apparently made by people that didn't know you were supposed to space the plot points out. So they came four and five at a time, and it was very satisfying. But as a result, they found themselves in season two with zero to write about.

DH is just Melrose Place, done badly, whereas 24 is plotting taken to a new and brilliant level... and Lost is a brand new paradigm for plotting and character development.