Sunday, January 08, 2006

Where Were These Pens When I Was In School??

From Red Ferret Journal (via the Sync Blog) come these two pens that make cheating in class a cinch. Not that I encourage cheating in class, of course. My one effort at cheating went about as well as the scene in Spies Like Us.

Anyway, first we have the enigmatically-named Baller Cheat Pen, which has a 6.5" window shade of paper inside. It's retractable and erasable, and ready to help you crib away.

Then we have the more-straightforwardly-named Cheater Pen, which writes in invisible ink... invisible until the ultraviolet light in the tail of the pen is shined on the writing.

Again, if you buy these things and end up expelled or suspended or have all your Pirate Points taken away, don't blame me. I never told you to actually use them.

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