Monday, February 13, 2006

Exhibit B: Never Trust Anyone Who Calls Themselves "Insider"

"Though Fox hasn't officially canceled [Arrested Development], producer 20th Century Fox Television already has found two potential takers in Showtime and ABC.... While ABC views its bid as a long shot, the Showtime scenario is plausible.

"'It's an established name. It's critically acclaimed. It's been deemed one of the best shows ever created for this medium,' Showtime president Robert Greenblatt said last month. 'And I think having that in with our other shows has a bit of a halo effect that also could spark growth in paying subscribers.'"

-- USA Today, "Showtime or ABC Could Get Arrested," 2/9/06

"Considering there have been no outside bites since Fox pulled the plug on Arrested Development, it is safe to assume that the critically acclaimed sitcom is officially over."

-- Marc Berman, "The Programming Insider,", 2/12/06

It may be very safe to assume Arrested Development is over, but there have definitely been widely-publicized "outside bites."

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