Saturday, February 18, 2006

"The Great Santino"

In honor of one of the most loathsome creeps ever to ooze across a reality show, Video Dog assembled a tribute to Project Runway's Pricky Prickerson-- er, Santino. If you haven't been watching this awesome show, at least watch this brief montage, so you can join the rest of us in rooting for him and the pizza he combs his hair with to go back to the obscurity that most definitely awaits him.

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Lisa said...

Well, here's my two cents: as hateful as Santino is, I'll take him over Omarosa any day. He's more of a guy that I love to hate, as opposed to just outright hating. And, let's be honest, without Santino, we would never have gotten to read the line, "...the pizza he combs his hair with", in Mike Markowitz's blog. LOVE IT!!!