Monday, February 06, 2006

Laptop Tips/ScreensavRz

Lifehacker comes through again, this time with handy laptop tips.

One suggestion: Even though they're made for Powerbooks, ScreensavRz from Radtech are great for any laptop. They're sheets of microfiber that you can lay across your keyboard before you close your notebook. That way the oils that even the cleanest among us transfer from our fingers to the keys don't get on the screen.

I think ScreensavRz are a much better choice than the iSkin or shelf liners the article suggests; especially since you can use the ScreensavRz to clean the screen as well. Besides, Radtech not only makes great products, they ship some of them, including ScreensavRz, in really cool containers. If you order one, you'll see what I mean.

Geek to Live: Laptop tips - Lifehacker

ScreensavRz from Radtech

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