Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Long and the Short of NBA All-Star Saturday Night

NBA All Star-Saturday Night didn't begin promisingly.

During the player introductions, there were happy children dancing in front of crazy-hot cheerleaders. I can't have been the only one thinking, "Get those goddamned kids out of the way!"

Then all was forgotten when 7-footer Dirk Nowitzki gave an astonishing performance to win the 3-Point Shootout.

But the best was when Nate Robinson, who is 5'9" if he's lucky, won the Slam Dunk contest. If you saw it, you know what an inspiring and hard-fought competition it was. And I hope you taped it to show your kids that sports can be about skills and hard work and perseverance, and not just spinning rims and thug affectations.

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