Friday, February 17, 2006

Mazda Uses Google To Stick It To Pontiac

When Pontiac spent a fortune on Solstice commercials that ended by telling us to "Google Pontiac" for more info, they probably thought they were being very cool.

But Mazda was cooler.

They went to Google and bought the search terms "Pontiac" and "Pontiac Solstice" so any Google search would bring up nothing but Mazda MX-5 ads all up and down the right side of the page.


Now Pontiac has quickly scurried and outbid Mazda for that ad space, but hats off to Mazda for some nimble thinking. - Mazda pulls Web-search switcheroo with Pontiac

1 comment:

Boski93 said...

Good for Mazda, glad to see Ford has not sucked all the life out them.