Friday, February 17, 2006

Not Exactly C.S.I.

Yesterday. Countdown with Keith Olbermann did a lengthy piece on the woeful nature of the "investigation" into the Cheney shooting.

This morning, The Today Show did a one-sentence "The Vice President apologized and the President is satisified" clip.

In case you saw the latter, which is the tone of most of the media, and not the former, let's review:

The sheriff's deputy who investigated never got to interview the victim about the shooting -- the interview was ended before it got to those events -- and the victim declined to be taped.

He was barred from talking to Cheney for 18 hours. I assume to give Cheney a chance to sober up.

He never visited the scene.

He never interviewed any of the Secret Service detail.

He never interviewed any of the people who served the food or drinks.

He never interviewed any of Cheney's doctors about his medications.

The "witness" whom Cheney designated to speak to the press because she saw everything? She was over 100 yards away.

She saw nothing. By her own admission, when she saw the Secret Service running toward the men -- from the length of a football field away -- she asssumed Cheney had had a heart attack.

And this is the person Cheney picked to be the lone voice of the day.

Cheney told Brit Hume he had a beer with lunch before the hunt. (Fox News cut that line from the interview, of course.) But no one drank the rest of the day or evening.

Mrs. Armstrong, the "witness", says no one had any alchohol before the hunt. They drank Dr. Pepper. But she said Cheney had a cocktail after the shooting.

Either Cheney or his designated witness is a liar.

And to think, they had all that time to get their story straight.

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