Tuesday, February 28, 2006


When a text message gets sent without an address, it goes to "null." In other words, zero or nothing. Nowhere.

Tell that to Stan Bubrouski, a student at Northeastern University.

As eWEEK.com reports, Stan picked the clever email address null@vtext.com for his Verizon cell phone. Clever, but unfortunate.

He soon found himself receiving every stray text message on the network... thousands of them, eventually including messages from On-Star vehicles, medical data, SAT data, ESPN sports scores, automated prescription reminders, and so on.

Getting rid of his vText account would solve the problem, but:

"Bubrouski said he enjoys reading the messages he receives, and blocks companies and individuals when the volume of SMS they're sending him gets too high. 'I've kind of gotten used to it.'"

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