Monday, February 27, 2006

The Origami Project

Amid all the speculation on what products Apple will announce tomorrow (new MacBooks? iBooks? an iPod Boombox? a touchscreen tablet?), Microsoft has quietly weighed in. reports that tomorrow Microsoft might be introducing a wireless touchscreen tablet of its own, and points to a mysterious Microsoft website. Whatever the truth is, it's a very relaxing website.

Mac Rumors: Microsoft's Origami Project, Also Feb 28th?

UPDATE 1:16pm

OK, so according to Todd Bishop's Microsoft Blog, turns out this is a bit of a hype. There won't be an actual product introduced on March 2nd and announced tomorrow. Rather, they'll be showing a year-old video (which is linked at the blog) of a concept of a future product in the works at a stage to be developed... eh, I stopped caring.

Remember this next time someone asks why Apple gets so much ink.

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