Monday, February 06, 2006

Persistence of Vision

"...Apple's new portable video player will fail miserably...The video iPod was born from arrogance. Apple has been so successful with the audio iPod that it thinks it can't go wrong. But it will this time. This is an example of a technology that is being launched only because it can be, not because anybody wants it."

-- Phillip Swann,, 10/12/05

"I'm really pleased to announce that last quarter we sold 14 million iPods .. that is over a hundred every minute, 24/7 throughout the quarter. And it still wasn't enough. We've now sold over 42 million iPods -- as you can see the curve is going up again... As you know one of the newest things on iPods is TV shows. Since we launched on October 12th we have sold over 8 million videos."

-- Steve Jobs, MacWorld 2006, 1/10/06

"When Apple launched its video iPod in late 2005, I predicted that the video feature would be a failure for two reasons:

1. The 2.5 inch screen is too small for watching a video for more than a few minutes at a time.

2. Americans would not be interested in paying for episode downloads of shows such as Desperate Housewives that they can watch for free on network TV.

Well, a new study from Horowitz Associates and Points North Group seems to confirm my suspicions..."

-- Phillip Swann,, 1/29/06


-- headline in Hollywood Reporter, 2/6/06

Rupert Murdoch, chairman of News Corp., which owns Fox, tells Newsweek that he doesn't think that people will watch primetime shows on small TV devices when they could watch them more enjoyably on a big screen.

I don't always agree with Murdoch, but he's right on the money.

-- Phillip Swann,, 2/6/06


Russell Arch said...

I just love turds who give THEMSELVES nicknames like "Swanni" and launch a concept like "Swanni Sez". Here's a prediction... Swanni will spend his miserable life "predicting" the failures of people a hundred times more successful than himself.

Cheers Swanni!

gina said...

I agree, Russell - he is such a turd.

Mike, CNN has an article up on the success of selling TV for the iPod:

"Television networks took a leap into the unknown when they started selling their shows on Apple's iTunes online store, but even in these early days, it's starting to look as if that faith in digital downloads was well placed.


Michael Markowitz said...

Cheers to both of you... Isn't it amazing that people like this manage to eke out a living on crap like this? This guy essentially watches TV and then writes out of his ass.

Yet we three, who have awesome blogs, make zilch. Why the injustice?

Michael Markowitz said...

Astonishingly, in today's column... in TODAY'S COLUMN... 'Swanni" says all those who say the Video iPod is a success are wrong and that it's actually a big failure.

You gotta love this guy's tenacity.