Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Quarter of a Loaf for Mac Users From TiVo

There is finally a TiVo Desktop software for the Mac from TiVo... but it doesn't include TiVo ToGo, the ability to transfer shows from your networked TiVo to your computer. And it doesn't work on Intel-based Macs. But it's something, I guess.

Still, there is a logical paradox at work in some of these compatibility issues: If I had a Windows Media PC, say, I wouldn't need a TiVo. I'd use a Windows Media PC as my DVR. I use a TiVo instead of a Windows Media PC because I like TiVo better. Why punish me for that? | TiVo Desktop


Russell Arch said...

This "why punish me" mantra can be repeated hundreds of times everyday.

Sadly, these anti-consumer decisions are made through corporate merges and partnerships that have very little to do with making anyone (outside the executives) happy.

Michael Markowitz said...

I think you're right... I think TiVo just continues to wrestle with DRM issues... To give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe it's to keep from getting sued (by anti-consumer corporations run by merged corporations)

Meanwhile, I just can't believe how slow they are to innovate! Mac support in dribs and drabs? The Series 3 may be a year away from market? How many products have Apple and Dell and Gateway come out with in the years since the Series 2 was introduced?