Monday, February 20, 2006


Let's say you were at a party, and the conversation turned to the $365 million jackpot in Nebraska. And people started talking about what they would do if they won that kind of money. Essentially daydreaming out loud.

Then let's say one man at the party, apparently a commercial trucker, chuckled and said the first thing he'd do is buy a brand new Ford F-350. Then let's say your teenage daughter snottily said, "I don't think I'd want a Ford, what's it-called, F-350? What-ever!"

I guarantee the very next thing that would happen is you'd insist your daughter apologize to everyone present, especially the gentleman she insulted, for her horribly discourteous behavior. And I hope she'd get a talking-to on the way home about how she should speak to people when they're sharing their daydreams, even when they may not be the same as hers.

Okay, now imagine the person who said that is not a teenager, but Katie Couric.

Because that exact thing happened on The Today Show this morning.

There was a taped piece from the convenience store that sold the winning ticket. It included an interview with a nice fella who did nothing wrong in this world except share with an NBC camera that he dreams of buying a new truck.

After the piece, Katie said exactly what our imaginary rude teen said.

Let's put aside for the moment that there ought to be a Post-It on Katie's desk telling her that her "what-ever" days should have ended thirty years ago.

The F-350 is not a dune buggy. This guy probably would like to buy this truck so he can earn a better living for his family. And a woman who makes millions of dollars a year -- and spends more on shoes than he does on food -- rolled her eyes at how silly he is.

Dictators, liars, and Republican operatives come on the show every day, and Katie is unfailingly polite with them. She practically kissed Mary Matalin's ass the other day, even though every word Matalin said was demonstrably untrue.

But Katie feels completely comfortable these days making ordinary people feel foolish. She frequently interrupts teasers to tell us how much she hates the food being cooked with, the product being demonstrated, the subject being discussed. She has become Debbie Downer, and it's out of control.

And this morning she took it out on some poor guy in Nebraska. She owes him an apology.


peeky said...

Katie Couric habitually makes that type of comment on camera to people who can't defend themselves. This, from a person who can't read simple sentences without messing them up, and still thinks it's charming to screw up foreign names and then giggle because you're just a dumb Amurrikin! She's 100% awful!

peeky said...

Today, re womens figure skating:
Katie Couric: "Bob, what's the difference between the short program and the long program?"
Bob, in an insanely nice, doesn't-want-to-get-fired voice: "Um, the short program is shorter--"
Katie, sarcastically: "THANKS, BOB!!!!"

Later she tasted wine (wine!) and then stumbled over the pronunciation of it because she's Amurrikin and we're a bunch of dumb rubes!

Michael Markowitz said...

Also, this morning, she seemed determined to continually try and "top" Jon Stewart. That, combined with a satellite delay, made for an unwatchable interview. You kept wanting someone to turn off her mike and let Jon speak.

gina said...

Every time someone calls her "America's Sweetheart", I throw up a little in my mouth.