Sunday, March 12, 2006

All Your Peers Are Belong To All Peers

I've written again and again that for ease of use, for security, and for just plain fun, you should move from Internet Explorer to Firefox. Now you should move because soon everyone else will, thanks to AllPeers.

AllPeers, (via TechCrunch and everywhere else in the Web 2.0 universe), combines BitTorrent with social networking.

You make up a group of friends with whom you want to share certain files, family with whom you want to share other files, and then you are sharing those files with them, and they are sharing files with you. Bango.

No logging in and out of Flickr, for instance, and no uploading or downloading. You are securely sharing music with your friends, pictures and home movies with your family, and Word and Powerpoint files with your coworkers, all on peer networks. Free.

The technical term for that is "wicked cool."

TechCrunch suggests they'll eventually add chat and VOIP, which will only make it wickeder cooler.

You can go right now to and register to be part of the beta later this month. It's free and it will be a sensation. Please do. This truly will be historic, and is definitely a case of the more the merrier.

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