Thursday, March 09, 2006

America's Next Top Model (Possible Spoilers)

Just some thoughts on my favorite show I'm ashamed to love...

Ah, Kathy from Brevard, NC. Her first ever airplane ride, and what amazes her is that the people looked like ants. This is the difference between a Southerner and a Northerner. On my first airplane ride what amazed me was that something made of metal and weighing so many thousands of pounds could

Oops, Kathy almost changed her clothes
outside. She knows the bathrooms are indoors, right?

Dr. Yvonne won? She had nothing on that girl in the Daisy Dukes. Oocha magoocha!

Now Tyra
surprises the girls by actually showing up for the first day of shooting of her prime time series. And they're surprised. These girls are easily surprised. I'm guessing half of them would have heart attacks if we played peek-a-boo.

Sara is a Hoya and she's 6'1"?! Mikey likey!

Furonda is a chameleon. She can transform into several unappealing people at will.

Kari is hi-day-ous in her street clothes... and rod-raising in her swimsuit. We have a new frontrunner, if she gets a makeover. And if that's what Bratz dolls look like, I need to log a lot more quality Bratz time!

Dr. Yvonne, I left a strict DNR for Miss Jay.

Wendy... So beautiful, and how can your heart not break for her?

Then some other stuff happened, but all I could think of over and over was something big and heavy falling on Jade. Maybe something filled with acid. And maybe some could splash on Furonda.

Meanwhile, Joanie is this year's Kim. I love her. So cool, so smart, so funny. I am rooting for her all the way.


snowflakebebe said...

Yeah Keri is cute and bratzy but I like Nnenna a lot myself :)

Bratz World

Michael Markowitz said...

No question about it, Nnenna is STUNNING, and very sweet. I would love to have both her and Keri to the Should've Asked Me Lounge for a Bratz party.