Thursday, March 09, 2006

And You Thought Maris's Asterisk Was a Debate

If you have never seen the extraordinary movie Eight Men Out, do yourself a favor and see it. Then ask yourself how it is that those guys got banned from baseball and Barry Bonds is still playing... and getting closer and closer to the record books.


Boski93 said...

A great movie and a great book.

As a White Sox fan it does grate me that some of the Sox where never reinstated, even posthumously. And they allow Barry to be the face of baseball the past few years. A surly, medicated fueled asshole, who will lie and cheat to be on top. Hey it's kind of like our leader, Vice President Cheney. Yeah like Alfred E. Newman is really running the show.

As for the Black Sox I bare little or no ill for a couple of the 8.

Jackson, sure he knew but the man was not the sharpest tool, but he did play hard when he realized he was getting screwed.

Weaver's only crime was that he did not tell. Yes he should have, but who would have believed him at the time. Then he has to be in the same club house with them. Sure that would have been good times.

Cicotte, was screwed by Comiksey on bonus money. He saw this as his last pay day. He saw that he was going to be dead in the water with the "live ball" era.

As for Risberg, Williams, Felsch, and Gandil, they can go eat a dick.

But baseball did this to itself by being complicit in allowing steroids to get in. As much of an ass Landis was, I think he would have not put with this crap.

Thank you for allowing this rambling mess of a comment.

Michael Markowitz said...

You ramble all you like. That was great and spot-on!