Sunday, March 12, 2006

Comparing Buck O'Neil to Barry Bonds??

John Thorn has an op/ed piece in today's New York Times comparing the Hall of Fame situations of Buck O'Neil and Barry Bonds, apparently because they're both black. Wow.

I don't know a fraction as much about baseball as Thorn does, but that's ludicrous. O'Neil (and Minnie Minoso) wuz robbed. Plain and simple. It's a stain on baseball -- apparently not the first or last -- that they were snubbed.

Jesus, it's a stain on baseball that Goose Gossage and Jim Rice aren't in the Hall. Why are we throwing pity parties for Barry Bonds? Any numbers he has are tainted. In the neighborhood I grew up in, we called that kind of cheating an automatic do-over.

And the ultimate irony? Thorn correctly points out that Alex Pompez, a numbers runner and gangster, who was indicted for racketeering for Dutch Schultz, is in the Hall and yet Pete Rose is still swirling around in one of those isolation diamonds they put General Zod in. That's madness.


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Michael Markowitz said...

You're with me on this, right? I mean, it's crazy, right?

Is anyone running baseball at all??

I mean... Alex Pompez???

Did you see Pete Rose on Bill Maher's Show? I like when he said that he might just have been the cleanest son of a bitch in the game.