Friday, March 10, 2006

The Feckless and Misdirected Katie Couric

This morning on The Today Show, Katie Couric was talking to Tim Russert about the Congressional reaction to the Dubai deal.

It should be noted that while the Dubai story was breaking, Katie was spending three weeks touring chocolate shops in Italy, so Today grossly neglected this story to begin with. Now they've been playing catch-up by acting like it never was a story, so you weren't missing anything if you were watching The Today Show all that time.

So back to this morning:

As maybe her second or third question, Katie mentioned to Tim that our cargo comes into our ports uninspected. That it's one of our biggest national security threats. That it's a "dirty little secret."

"Do they [Congress] look feckless and misdirected by obsessing so much on this issue and not perhaps looking at the big picture?"

Tim agreed wholeheartedly, adding that "Democrats will say" they've tried to amend legislation to add funding for cargo inspection. Well, they'll "say" it because it's true. Whenever Tim says, "Democrats will say" it always makes the truth sound like a lie.

But back to Katie, and my TV covered with spit.

Well, Katie, as for this "dirty little secret"...

John Kerry brought that issue up over and over again during the campaign. He brought it up during the debates. It was in the 9/11 Commission reports. Even Bill Maher has brought it up again and again.

Where is The Today Show's coverage of cargo inspection?

Do you look feckless and misdirected for spending one or two segments every single day covering the lurid story of the rape and murder of a New York student, instead of cargo inspection, or the war, or Medicare, or Halliburton, or any of the other things you could be covering? You know... "big picture" things?

Do you look feckless and misdirected for learning to snowboard or sampling wine and cheese while our soldiers were dying in combat? Or while children in Africa were dying from poverty? Or while children in America were dying from poverty?

Do you look feckless and misdirected for beginning the show the other day with "Sad news..." because Dana Reeve died, but never using those words when our troops are killed by suicide bombers?

Why don't you focus on the big picture, before you criticize Congress the first time in years they've gotten off their asses, reinserted their spines and done something?


Sydelle Pearl said...

And while we're at it, middle-aged lady who still insists of being called "KATIE", if you don't stop asking guests questions and then hurriedly answering them yourself before they have a chance to respond and then saying: "...right?", I'm coming down to the "plaza" and putting a "hatchet" in your "face". Bye!

Michael Markowitz said...

If no hatchet is available you can grab Elisabeth Hasselbeck's ankles and use her face.