Thursday, March 30, 2006

He Takes Dumps Like a Truck Truck Truck

Yeah, I'm afraid so.

It's a thong for dogs. A thong that neutralizes dog fart odor.

And makes your poor, stinky pooch a laughing stock at the dog run.

On the other hand, at home, when no one's looking, if it lets you watch TV without gagging...

(via Gizmodo)


Rosalie Gale said...

I apologize for not leaving a comment related to the fart sweetening dog thong but I was wondering if you are the Michael Markowitz who wrote the "Barter Sauce" episode of Becker? I ask because I started a project a couple of months ago that I named "Barter Sauce" and when I googled the phrase, I realized that my project and that episode of Becker are the only things to show up.

In short, my Barter Sauce is a trading experiment. I started with a crappy laptop and traded it for two pairs of boxing gloves and a digital camera. I traded those for a paraglider. I traded the paraglider for a red and black striped electric bass butt-rock guitar which I just traded for some first edition Dungeons and Dragons books. Whatever I get -- I trade again for something else -- over and over again, every two weeks for a year. I'm documenting the experience on my blog:

I just think it would be funny to have you, as the only other person attached to a "Barter Sauce" on google involved in the project in some way.

So I ask you:
Do you play Dungeons & Dragons?

Are you interested in doing color commentary on one or more of my trades?

Could you leave a comment on my blog about how you came up with the name Barter Sauce for that episode? Or some funny anecdote about that episode?


Michael Markowitz said...

Hi, Rosalie!

I'm not a Myspace member, so I couldn't leave a comment, but please feel free to post this on your blog if you like.

Your trading experiment is amazing. By the time you end up having parlayed your laptop into a pimped-out mansion it will be one fascinating story. Then you'll wander the halls of your golden palace, sad and lonely, looking at a picture of that laptop... the only one who loved and trusted you.

Anyway, yes, I did write that Becker episode -- although if I remember correctly there was almost no story at all that made any sense -- and I wish I had a hilarious anecdote about how I came up with the title that could equal the creativity of your blog.

I worked on Becker for four years. Episode titles on that show had to be very simple, because the showrunner would get irritated/confused if they were too creative. They had to be punchy, punny and simple.

Anyway, it was a show about bartering, I was probably eating a filet o' fish sandwich... The rest is history.

As for a funny story about the episode, it was so long ago I don't remember that particular week, but one thing is for certain: Ted Danson is the absolute nicest person I've ever met, worked with, or known. So it's always a safe bet there was a fun Ted story that week.

As for D&D, no, sadly I don't play. I'm more a Burnout or Boggle guy. But I will follow along and I will definitely chime in if I have anything to trade.

Keep the Sauce alive!


Rosalie Gale said...

Oh my god you just made my day!
If you ever change your mind about the Myspace account, let me know. I have some ideas.

One of which includes you commenting on each trade and relating whatever the item is back to an episode of Becker.

Okay, I lied, that is my only idea. But it sure would make me laugh.

Thanks so much for responding and indulging me.


Michael Markowitz said...

Rosalie, my pleasure.

Michael Markowitz said...

Rosalie, I saw on your blog that you deleted a negative comment about Becker on my account. No need to do that! Trust me, not all the writers were fans of that show, any more than every employee of McDonald's likes everything on the menu.

Rosalie Gale said...

hahahhahha...I just saw this. You're hilarious! And yes, I still regret deleting it. I'm sure it was poignant and well thought out. If only I could remember it I would repost! And remember, if you ever change your mind about getting involved in the second in what I'm sure will be a long line of things named Barter Sauce, don't hesitate to ask.