Wednesday, March 29, 2006

How To Fold a Fitted Sheet

I love Target.

I love going to Target, I love the red carts, I love watching my credit card disappear into the credit-card thingie... It's like a shopping theme park.

I also love that they have this nifty site showing you how to fold a fitted sheet.


nessahead said...

Thank you! 25 years, I've been wanting to know this.

Ellen said...

I remember Martha Stewart showing that technique on her old show. It really changed my life!

She also demonstrated a perfect way to fold a t-shirt on her new show. Diagrams are here.

Interestingly, several years before Martha demonstrated this there was Japanese version.

And of course if you're a home shopping fan (I'm not, but I was staring at it when I sick recently), you know about this.

I still need more closet space.

Michael Markowitz said...

I posted the Japanese shirt folding which I've never been able to master.

The flip fold looks more my speed!

Sydelle Pearl said...

If only there were more cuts in the Japanese video to make it more confusing and nauseating.