Thursday, March 02, 2006

Idol Men

As usual, gina nailed it, so there's not much for me to add except:

I think Chris ran away with it, with Ace in second and no one else in third.

Gina's right. No more Stevie Wonder. Ever. No one but Stevie Wonder ever sounds good singing it.

Why would someone choose to sing a Kenny Rogers song? Kenny Rogers writes songs for himself to accomodate the fact that he can't sing.

You can't tell half the contestants to "do what they do best" and tell the other half they "need to break out of their comfort zones." Their heads will explode. (I'm still trying to figure out what poor Ayla is doing with the advice she was given that she try less hard and work less to excel.)

Kevin doesn't belong there, but he sure does make me smile.

If only the Seahawks played as hard as Brenna did for that beanie. She is built Ford tough. I look forward to her cleaning many a hotel room in the future.

And I still maintain Bucky's full of shit. Last night, for instance: he maintains that he can't understand the chicken on menus, all he understands is the vegetables and the rice. Anyone who lives in L.A. knows that the impenetrable part of the menus is the vegetables. Fried chicken is fried chicken, but "bedded on a compote tapinade salsa of olive, okra, endive and assorted summer sprigs" makes no sense to anyone.


gina said...

Amen on the contradictory judging! Makes me crazy.

LOL about the California vegatables. I've been to CA once, to LA in 1999, and it definitely took me a while to get used to the menus.

Mr. Jones said...

omg, i could not disagree more about ace. the only reason that guy is still in the running is because he looks like a backstreet 98 degrees boy and his name is "ace." kevin, on the other hand, can actually sing.

that said, how glad was i that brenna got the axe? that girl is psychotic, i am convinced. "clive davis, call me and let's makes some!" she's a horror and had to be stopped. that girl has major personality problems. also, cutesy katherine? good bye! loathe her. it was nice to see her smugness brought down a peg.

also, how irritating is it when southern people act proud of how ignorant they are? "I'll take a biscuit, y'all!" Ugh. Shut up. There's more to life than chicken and hangin' out at the Piggly Wiggly, moron.

meantime, lionel richie wrote that kenny rogers song. and i thought ray charles did an excellent job. i'd rather see him win than that milquetoast bore, ace, with his security beenies.

and heather cox has nothing to worry about. she has a bright future as a porn star if she plays her cards right. i swear to yahweh, that girl was BORN to do porn. i mean, come on. Look at her!

mr. crooner looked like he was mad enough to date rape a co-ed when he got booted. i would seriously hate to be his beard right now.

this has been My Opinions! Thanks for reading! Love your blahg!

Michael Markowitz said...

Gina, Come back soon!

Mr. Jones, so much to react to! First, thanks for loving the blahg. Love your Opinions! Post all the time!

I didn't say Ace was a CLOSE second... Yeah he's a Backstreet 98 degrees boy, but it is after all American Idol. Kevin can sing but OMG, that face! No way will teenage girls EVER buy a CD with that puss on the cover.

As for Ace, maybe I was hypnotized by his soulful eyes and his lucky beanie.

Brenna's psychotic goodbye was even more classless than I could have imagined. Her moneygrubbing posing was horrendous and humiliating. Yesterday I envisioned her future in hotel room cleaning... Now I see only Colombian snuff porn for her.

It seems so unfair that Jon-Benet is dead and Brenna is alive.

As for Southern people and ignorance, I am with you. Why turn that into an asset? It's gotten to the point where we have a President who brags that he never reads the newspaper!!

Sorry for missing the Lionel Richie thing. But also not exactly someone with Mariah Carey's range. The point is if you've got a great voice, don't cover a song by someone with limited range, or a song written for someone with limited range.

That's the only good thing about Heather being eliminated is that it speeds her inevitable trek toward Maxim and Stuff and, if we're lucky, Cinemax. I think porn is too much to hope for. We haven't been good enough to deserve that.

I think Mr. Crooner's mom is going to make him spend some quality time in the punishment closet when they get home. He'll be naked except for a phone charging cord.

Seriously, it was nice to see him sing the song with the pressure off.