Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Idol Men

Who cares? No McPhee tonight!

But here goes:

Gedeon made me sorry I had HD. That whitehead on the tip of his nose was almost as vomitatious as his painting explanation was creepy. I swear, it's as though Damon Wayans was imitating Percy Dovetonsils.

Chris is great, and he and Katharine will be the final two, but Simon is right: that song was boring. However, should that really count against Chris?

Kevin chose a song that was dull but plays to his cuddly strength. All over America, pre-teenage girls were unlocking their diaries in order to draw hearts with little butterfly wings.

Now Taylor the Hick is telling a story about Christopher Cross, even though Bucky is singing next. I am freaking out from the format disruption.

Oh, no, there's another Covington! Now we know who takes the showers in the family! He sucked. Buh bye.

Then that guy I like but always forget did "How Sweet It Is." Eh...

Then Taylor the Hick. He stole Michael McDonald's hair, now he stole his song! Blasphemy!

Anyway... I warned you all last week, if he did the Ray Charles imitation I wanted him off the show. He did it in the first second last week, while he was introduced. Now he did it again tonight when he was introduced, then again after the song.

It's on.

I don't just want him off the show, I want his house burned to the ground, I want to go there in the middle of the night and piss on the ashes.

Next came Chia Head. I don't know why the judges love him so much. THAT was a boring song.

Then Beanie Baby came on. His new name is What a Maroon 5.

23 hours to McPhee.

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