Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Isn't McPhee Lovely?

What can I say? I can't even pretend to be impartial at this point. I thought Katharine was awesome. Can we end the competition so we can skip right to her recording an album?

Kellie's song was boring but she is cute as a junebug. If the judges harsh comments hurt her and she needs consoling, I'm here.

I glared at Paris with Ayla's departure still stinging. Even though Paris was pretty good, and the judges raved about her, what was hilarious was the shot of them after her crazy-goo-goo act to Ryan after the judging. All the goodwill was gone. They hated her. Me, too.

Paula's right. Melissa should wear dresses more.

Simon's mash-up of Bucky and Jessica Simpson has ruined a lot of fantasies for me.

And Lisa! I've been saying all along that it doesn't look like she's trying, that she doesn't look like she's giving 100%, that I wish she would give more effort...

How could I have been so blind?

Last night it hit me! I don't want to make any accusations, but I believe the reason I've had that impression is because her face is paralyzed from showing any emotion whatsoever above the eyebrows. Whatever is the cause of that, I cannot say for certain, so I will not speculate. But it's tragic in such a young girl.

Speaking of tragic, we know Elliott is 90% deaf in one ear. This week we found out he's diabetic and wears an insulin pump. What's next? I fully expect an eye to fall out on the show tonight.

Anyway, I'm psyched because Stevie Wonder will perform tonight and show them how it's done. And unfortunately inspire thousands of next season's Idol hopefuls to attempt his incredible songs.


Mr. Jones said...

Oy! I LOVE this blog, and think you are awesome, but I have GOT to disagree about that little twerp Katharine McMee. I sincerely wish she would get hit by a bus. Or that someone would just throw acid in her cute little camera-ready face. Everytime we see her, she is checking out the judges or the audience to see who's watching her. I find her cutesy act unbearable and I hope she loses. SORRY! I just hope Kellie Pickler wises up to that girl, because Missy McPhee would just as soon stab her in the larynx with a screwdriver if it meant winning this competition. I just know it. Let's just say, I'm on to you, Miss K!

Now, Katharine loathing aside, I couldn't agree more about Lisa. She's got nothing. I give her one to two weeks, tops.

Ace has GOT to go. Thank you.

And who, WHO gave the best performance of the night, doing all the things the judges said they were looking for, making the song his own and singing IN TIME, ON PITCH and making the audience go NUTS? Why, it was Ol' Daddy Grey Hairs himself, Taylor Hicks, who took the night, as far as I was concerned. He'll never win, because they just can't sell him once this thing is done. But he is BY FAR the most talented guy up there. Elliot may be great, but he's too shy a performer to get far. Taylor Hicks, ladies and germs. I'm sorry, but he's the guy.

I know you hate little Paris, but she's got mega star with a future crack problem written all over her. SHe's the most consistently talented and interesting performer, and she is INTO the music. Unlike McPhee, who cares more about looking into the camera with those big, wet eyes of hers. YAY, Paris!

Don't you love the interwebs? The exchange of ideas and opinions? Isn't it great!? Thanks for letting me comment and I'm looking forward to your response! La!

Michael Markowitz said...

I do love the interwebs, where two people can violently disagree and still be filled with the love. Please comment ALL THE TIME!!!!

Katharine is the bawm, dawg. She is fanTAStic. I adore her. It is her and Vin Diesel in the final two. And Kellie on the cover of Maxim.

Ol' Daddy Grey Hair is a Don't-Be Brother. He needs to get a nighttime visit from Michael McDonald and a tubesock full of wood screws. All that's left the next morning will be a harmonica and a stain.

Little Paris is already knee deep in the pipe. She has to go. Wind her up and point her offstage.

And Kevin has become like the star of an 80's teen movie, like the nerd who becomes popular and then it goes to his head. If he were played by Anthony Michael Hall, he'd be headed for the big prom scene where he acts like a giant ass in front of the whole school and is humiliated and the next day he's a pariah at lunch and he learns a lesson about humility.